The Importance of NCAA Accreditation

By | April 29, 2014

Personal trainers need to learn about NCCA accreditation. NCCA or the National Commission for Certifying Agencies is the accreditation institute from Credentialing Excellence (ICE). ICE is the leader for establishing the standard quality for credentialing organization. It was built on 1977. ICE also often organizes regional seminar, publication, and annual conference. Those activities also provide ICE members information about new trends and issues that attract the attention of practitioners and organizations within the same field. Becoming the ICE members also means you will be the clearing house.

Besides giving benefits for its members, NCCA also has the other purposes. Customer is one of the important elements for NCCA Accreditation. NCCA Accreditation is used for getting the trust from the customer. Moreover, the customer has the right to know that her or his professional trainers are competent, organization certified, accredited, and professional. After that, IHRSA (Health International, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association) “recommends” that all professional trainers should be certified by NCCA Accredited. This decision is actually available for IHRSA association only, but it’s for a better result on the customer. It also gives positive and powerful result for the fitness industry.

If the personal trainers want to get NCCA Accreditation, they need to follow some steps. NCCA will accredit the certification program if they show compliance with a strict accreditation standard. The standard is designed for guaranteeing the accuracy of certification institute. It is also used for showing that the certification institute is fairly measuring the competency of professional certificant through standard testing.

Why is NCCA Accreditation important for personal trainers?

NCCA Accreditation is a standard for many well-respected health care professionals and other professions, such as nursing, nutrition, athletic training, and many more. If you get certification from NCCA accreditation, the personal trainers will be qualified enough. This qualification can be used if they want to work in customary for healthcare and other professionals. Moreover, this accreditation is also crucial for improving an important level of professional recognition. The professional recognition will also make a great influence to the level of personal trainers.