Tips for a Better Workout

By | April 22, 2014

To maintain or improve a healthy lifestyle, a person must pursue a physical fitness regimen. Unfortunately, many will attempt this routine and quickly lose stamina because they don’t know how to get the most from their workout. Others will plateau and stop seeing changes in their body, which can be disheartening. There is an abundance of ways to help improve stamina and flexibility that will allow you to make your exercise routine more effective. Building endurance will help you to continually be challenged at the gym, as you find your body increasingly improved.

Eat Better

Your body needs fuel at the gym to give you the energy needed to push a little farther than you did the day before. This includes complex carbohydrates, vegetables, and of course, protein. Try brown rice and sweet potatoes for a late afternoon run, and a fruit smoothie, rich in bananas for your morning routine. Make sure you bring a protein bar or shake to the gym to keep up those energy levels during a workout session, as well. When you begin to tire during the middle of your workout, consuming some carbohydrates can give you the needed energy to finish.


How you breathe can impact oxygen levels that increase energy. Beginners can find themselves short of breath, but it’s important to be conscious of the air going in and out of the lungs. Feel the air filling the entire lungs, lengthening the muscles in the process; relax your body as you exhale. You may need to practice breathing exercises at home, which can translate into better breathing capacity during a workout.

Push Yourself

Even if it’s only a small improvement, making yourself do a little more than the day before can improve the strength and stamina of your body. Whether it’s running one extra yard or an additional pound, these things add up into big results.